Our Focus

We specialise in developing engineering solutions that integrate all disciplines of engineering - allowing us to create solutions to your engineering challenges efficiently. We draw on a knowledge base that includes everything from metal fabrication, to feedback control system design, to welding process development, to design and manufacturing process control - to name but a few specialties. We strive to help our clients create innovative and sustainable engineering solutions - ensuring you make the most out of your investment in solving any engineering challenge. We also strive to make solving that process as transparent and educational as it can be for our clients and for ourselves - ensuring we deliver not just drawings and specifications, but an understanding of the solution.

Our Resources

We utilise our own design and engineering management software to manage all our projects - including all documentation, communication and meeting/consultation minutes - ensuring that you can always know where your project is up to. We use an ISO9001 Accredited quality management system - and pride ourselves on continuous development of our systems, helping to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. We utilise 3D CAD software as a design tool and a way to communicate ideas and designs between us. We also use renowned Finite Element Analysis software (MSC AFEA) to speed up the design/prototyping process.

Our History

Axial ISE is an engineering company based in NSW, Australia. We were founded from Axial Dynamics - a specialist manufacturer of metal expansion bellows. We draw on this continuing manufacturing experience to help us understand problems unique to the manufacturing environment - so you can be sure that we understand the practical implications of engineering decisions!